Friday, November 9, 2012

Fulfil Your Wedding Dreams with a Fairy Tale Theme at London Winter Wedding Venues

Fulfil Your Wedding Dreams with a Fairy Tale Theme at London Winter Wedding Venues

Every little girl fancies a fairy tale wedding, wearing the charismatic dress and rejoicing with her Prince Charming. When the real wedding day comes, most women want their fairy tale wedding dreams to come true. If you are also one of them who want to feel like Cinderella and Prince Charming on their big day, here are top ideas that will help you to turn your dreams into reality.

Picking the right venue, location, accessories and decorations is the key to create a magical fairy tale setting. Bring into play these creative ideas to feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Choose a Fascinating Venue

Winter is the best season to have a fairy tale themed wedding. As winter is approaching, you can book one of the perfect London winter wedding venues to complement your theme. The white and bright winter decorations and mood lighting spreads magic all over and create an aura of romance. In a fairy tale, the beautiful princess lives in a castle, so why not hire a castle or an historical landmark as your venue. Any ballroom style venue will also go well with the theme as it will remind of the elegant dance of the Prince And Princess. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible to your guests.

Decorations and Accessories

It’s not necessary to get married in Disney Land to have a fairy tale wedding. With simple decorations, any indoor venue can be turned into a fairy land. Some of the decorations and accessories that you can try include:

  • A fairy tale wedding should start with a grand fairy tale entry. If you can arrange a fairy couch or carriage, then nothing is better than that. It will go in tune with your theme and amaze your guests.
  • Lanterns giving soft light look incredibly effective. Strings of fairy lights hung all over and flickering candles will give a magical effect.
  • Use a lot of feathers, flowers, candles, and ribbons to turn your wedding venue into a fantasy land. Use your creativity and do some mix and match like pair aqua blue organza sashes with white satin chair covers.


You can find several princess style wedding dresses to suit the fairy tale theme. To successfully pull off a fairy tale wedding, choose a snow white wedding dress just like Cinderella. Use organza fabric instead of satin to give it a feathery look. Do not forget to add fairy wings and crystal coronet to complete the look. Wear glittery make up for a more magical and fairy like look. Bridegroom can wear a black tux with a white rose.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is not just a delectable dessert but also a central point of attraction. To highlight the theme, order a fairy tale cake. Find a baker who can prepare a cake with fairy tale designs on it like a castle cake, or a carriage cake. The Prince And Princess standing atop the castle wedding cake will look amazing.

Fairy tale themed wedding looks magical, elegant and out of the world. Fulfil all our fairy tale wedding dreams by incorporating these ideas into your wedding.

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