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Exciting themes for 2013 Celebration at New Year Party Venues in London

Exciting themes for 2013 Celebration at New Year Party Venues in London1

Time to ring in the New Year is close, so start planning in advance to have a fun and funky celebration. You can spice up the biggest night of the year with creative themes. Themed parties turn out to be more entertaining and fun.

Once you have selected one of the perfect New Year party venues in London, you can decorate the whole space according to your theme. Here are simple and unique themes that you can use to add a twist to your celebration.

Masquerade Party

From the renaissance period till today, masquerade parties have always been popular. Encourage your guests to wear Victorian costumes and cover their faces with masks. This theme creates an aura of mystery. When the midnight comes, the guests will welcome the New Year by uncovering their faces.

To complement the theme, you can use scroll invitations. Use lavish colours like violet, blue, and green to decorate the place. Flickering candles and twinkling fairy lights will create an ambience of festivity. Arrange a ball dance and make use of Gobo lighting to draw attention to a particular couple. Check with your event planners what lighting effects are available in the venue.

Focus on the Future

New Year partied are all about leaving the past behind and look to the future. So, why not use this idea to celebrate New Year with fortune telling party. Invitations printed in the form of tarot cards go well with this theme. To add a twist, you can ask your guests to come dressed as gypsies or fortune tellers.

Decorations will play a key role in creating the perfect atmosphere. Adorn the whole place with mirrors, golden stars, posters of astrological signs and embroidered curtains. Do not forget the crystal ball to add to the mystery. Use dim lights and candles to illuminate the venue.

Hollywood Theme

Bring the glamour of Hollywood to your New Year bash this year with Hollywood theme. Attire is the best part of a Hollywood theme party. Ask your guests to dress up like their favourite celebrities. Roll out a red carpet at the entry area to make your guests feel as if they are attending a grand film festival or movie premiere.

Decorate the whole venue with strings of Christmas lights. If your venue provides LED lighting effects, there is nothing better than that. Pick music from the famous Hollywood movies and adorn the dance floor area with disco balls. At the end of the night, hand out awards to your guests for best costume. If you want Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Robert Pattinson as your guests, consider hiring Madame Tussauds for your New Year party.

Themes can add an extraordinary element to your wedding. Consider incorporating these themes to your New Year celebration and make it memorable for all.

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