Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Valentines Day Celebration Ideas for Singles at Valentine Day Venues

Valentines Day Celebration Ideas for Singles at Valentine Day Venues
Being single doesn’t mean that you can't celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s not about being in a relationship, it’s about love. It’s a time to be grateful to all who love you and care for you, be it friends or family. So, even if you don’t have a significant other, hire one of the perfect Valentine Day venues and throw a blowout bash. Try these fun party ideas for singles.
Celebrate Your Singlehood
Rather than feeling left out, it’s time to celebrate your single life. Gather all your single friends and throw a singles bash to mix and mingle. Ask your friends to bring their single friends too. This is a great way to meet new people. Who knows you or your friends may find their significant other at the party.
Anti-Valentine Day Party
Do you hate the flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, and in short the whole idea of Valentine’s Day itself? Throw an anti-valentine’s day party. Pick a ‘love hurts’ theme and use dark decorations instead of red and pink ones. To add to the fun, you can make a playlist of anti-valentine hit tunes like ‘Love Stinks’.
Celebrate Love Anyway
Just being single doesn’t means that you cannot celebrate the idea of love. Valentine’s Day is not just about couples; it’s also about appreciating the love you get from your friends and family. So, plan a get together and invite all your friends and family to celebrate the idea of love.
Sex and the City Party
Sex and the City, the hit HBO Television show can be good theme for your singles party on Valentine’s Day. The show is all about the lives of career-oriented singles in New York. You can ask your guests to dress up as their favourite characters and organize a best costume contest. Do not forget to serve cosmos.
Being dateless on the most romantic day doesn’t mean that you have to feel lonely. Try any of the given ideas and celebrate the day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

After-Prom Night Ideas to Carry on the Celebration at Prom Venues in London

After-Prom Night Ideas to Carry on the Celebration at Prom Venues in London

The prom night doesn’t need to end when the music stops. With a little bit of preparation, you can hang on to the fun all night. You spent hours getting ready for the big night, feasted, and danced…now what? These are some of the fantastic after prom ideas that will keep you going until sunrise.

Karaoke Night

Organize a karaoke night at one of the prom venues in London and introduce your inner pop star to the audience. Karaoke gives everybody an opportunity to grab the microphone and belt out their favourite tunes.

Game Night

Gather at a friend’s house and play party games. Scene It, Cranium, Taboo are some of the board games that you can incorporate. Award the winners with prom themed presents like crowns and rhinestone jewellery. You can recreate your favourite television game show. Just like the original show, ask someone to play host.


Why not show up at your local bowling alley and have a fun night. For late night arrangements, it’s good to contact the bowling alley ahead of time. Replace your heels with bowling shoes and bowl the night away. Do not forget to capture the moments in photographs.

Late night Eats

After burning all the energy on the dance floor, it’s good to opt for late night dining. So, grab your group and head to the 24 hours café or restaurant after the prom. Again, make sure to call a few days ahead if a large group going to join in. This is a good option to socialize into the wee hours of the morning.

A Movie Night

A movie night is always a fun way to get together after prom. Try and borrow a movie projector to make it more special. Pick a universal movie like a sci-fi or comedy movie that can appeal to everybody’s taste.

Try any of these after prom ideas to keep all entertained hours after the prom night is over.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fulfil Your Wedding Dreams with a Fairy Tale Theme at London Winter Wedding Venues

Fulfil Your Wedding Dreams with a Fairy Tale Theme at London Winter Wedding Venues

Every little girl fancies a fairy tale wedding, wearing the charismatic dress and rejoicing with her Prince Charming. When the real wedding day comes, most women want their fairy tale wedding dreams to come true. If you are also one of them who want to feel like Cinderella and Prince Charming on their big day, here are top ideas that will help you to turn your dreams into reality.

Picking the right venue, location, accessories and decorations is the key to create a magical fairy tale setting. Bring into play these creative ideas to feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Choose a Fascinating Venue

Winter is the best season to have a fairy tale themed wedding. As winter is approaching, you can book one of the perfect London winter wedding venues to complement your theme. The white and bright winter decorations and mood lighting spreads magic all over and create an aura of romance. In a fairy tale, the beautiful princess lives in a castle, so why not hire a castle or an historical landmark as your venue. Any ballroom style venue will also go well with the theme as it will remind of the elegant dance of the Prince And Princess. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible to your guests.

Decorations and Accessories

It’s not necessary to get married in Disney Land to have a fairy tale wedding. With simple decorations, any indoor venue can be turned into a fairy land. Some of the decorations and accessories that you can try include:

  • A fairy tale wedding should start with a grand fairy tale entry. If you can arrange a fairy couch or carriage, then nothing is better than that. It will go in tune with your theme and amaze your guests.
  • Lanterns giving soft light look incredibly effective. Strings of fairy lights hung all over and flickering candles will give a magical effect.
  • Use a lot of feathers, flowers, candles, and ribbons to turn your wedding venue into a fantasy land. Use your creativity and do some mix and match like pair aqua blue organza sashes with white satin chair covers.


You can find several princess style wedding dresses to suit the fairy tale theme. To successfully pull off a fairy tale wedding, choose a snow white wedding dress just like Cinderella. Use organza fabric instead of satin to give it a feathery look. Do not forget to add fairy wings and crystal coronet to complete the look. Wear glittery make up for a more magical and fairy like look. Bridegroom can wear a black tux with a white rose.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is not just a delectable dessert but also a central point of attraction. To highlight the theme, order a fairy tale cake. Find a baker who can prepare a cake with fairy tale designs on it like a castle cake, or a carriage cake. The Prince And Princess standing atop the castle wedding cake will look amazing.

Fairy tale themed wedding looks magical, elegant and out of the world. Fulfil all our fairy tale wedding dreams by incorporating these ideas into your wedding.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Party Planning Ideas for an Ultimate Celebration at London Christmas venues

Party Planning Ideas for an Ultimate Celebration at London Christmas venues

Christmas is just round the corner, so it is the best time to plan a smashing party to celebrate the festive season. With the excitement of celebration comes the frustration and stress of hosting and planning the perfect bash. So, it is better to plan and prepare in advance to enjoy the celebration.

Throwing a successful Christmas party is not tough if you find London Christmas venues in time and prepare a clear timeline in advance. Here are some top ideas to pull off a spectacular Christmas bash this year.

Choosing a Venue

Picking the right venue is very important for the success of the Christmas party. Make sure to check the capacity of the space. The venue should be spacious enough to accommodate all your invitees. Many venues provide Christmas props and decorations like Christmas tree, and snowman. If you want to make your party extraordinary, consider hiring a unique venue like boat, museum, restaurant, or an art gallery.

Plan Some Entertainment

Add some entertainment to beat the boredom. Hire a top-notch DJ, which can play a selection of great beats. Incorporate some holiday music to feel the spirit of the holiday season. Games and activities are a great way to keep your guests entertained. You can organise a Christmas karaoke or a best costume contest. Other entertainment ideas to bring into play are music band, magician, and Santa Claus.

Christmas Party Catering

A festive meal is an essential part of Christmas celebration. Add delectable dishes, drinks, and desserts in the menu and your party is a success. Christmas party would not be complete without sweets. Holiday sweets like cookies, candies, breads, chocolates, and of course, fruitcake will definitely satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Serve smooth wines and let your guests cheer to the holiday season.

Planning these things will make sure that your party turns out to be successful. Draw on some of these ideas to make your Christmas event a memorable one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Exciting themes for 2013 Celebration at New Year Party Venues in London

Exciting themes for 2013 Celebration at New Year Party Venues in London1

Time to ring in the New Year is close, so start planning in advance to have a fun and funky celebration. You can spice up the biggest night of the year with creative themes. Themed parties turn out to be more entertaining and fun.

Once you have selected one of the perfect New Year party venues in London, you can decorate the whole space according to your theme. Here are simple and unique themes that you can use to add a twist to your celebration.

Masquerade Party

From the renaissance period till today, masquerade parties have always been popular. Encourage your guests to wear Victorian costumes and cover their faces with masks. This theme creates an aura of mystery. When the midnight comes, the guests will welcome the New Year by uncovering their faces.

To complement the theme, you can use scroll invitations. Use lavish colours like violet, blue, and green to decorate the place. Flickering candles and twinkling fairy lights will create an ambience of festivity. Arrange a ball dance and make use of Gobo lighting to draw attention to a particular couple. Check with your event planners what lighting effects are available in the venue.

Focus on the Future

New Year partied are all about leaving the past behind and look to the future. So, why not use this idea to celebrate New Year with fortune telling party. Invitations printed in the form of tarot cards go well with this theme. To add a twist, you can ask your guests to come dressed as gypsies or fortune tellers.

Decorations will play a key role in creating the perfect atmosphere. Adorn the whole place with mirrors, golden stars, posters of astrological signs and embroidered curtains. Do not forget the crystal ball to add to the mystery. Use dim lights and candles to illuminate the venue.

Hollywood Theme

Bring the glamour of Hollywood to your New Year bash this year with Hollywood theme. Attire is the best part of a Hollywood theme party. Ask your guests to dress up like their favourite celebrities. Roll out a red carpet at the entry area to make your guests feel as if they are attending a grand film festival or movie premiere.

Decorate the whole venue with strings of Christmas lights. If your venue provides LED lighting effects, there is nothing better than that. Pick music from the famous Hollywood movies and adorn the dance floor area with disco balls. At the end of the night, hand out awards to your guests for best costume. If you want Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Robert Pattinson as your guests, consider hiring Madame Tussauds for your New Year party.

Themes can add an extraordinary element to your wedding. Consider incorporating these themes to your New Year celebration and make it memorable for all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tips to Plan a Corporate Christmas at Christmas Party Venues in London

Tips to Plan a Corporate Christmas at Christmas Party Venues in London-kp

Christmas parties are a great way to unite the co-workers in the spirit of the celebration. But corporate parties often end up being boring and unexciting. To set the festive mood, think out of the box and plan an exciting Christmas party at one of the Christmas party venues in London. Here are some ideas that can turn your boring get-together into an exhilarating party.

Selecting the Right Date, Venue and Location

Pick a suitable date that does not hinder the important work deadlines. Rather than holding the party at your office, choose a suitable venue, if you want all your guests to feel relaxed and festive. Start your search for a venue as early as possible as you may not get a venue of your choice. Choose a location that is accessible for those whom you have invited.

Add a Spark with an Exciting Theme

Themes can truly ignite your party and excite your guests. ‘Winter Wonderland’ or ‘a magical holiday’, are two classy themes for corporate Christmas party. If the decorations and menu are according to the theme, it will create a festive atmosphere. Try to be unique and choose unusual themes to bring freshness and excitement to your party.

Party Accessories, Props, and Decorations

Talk to your event planners as various venues provide Christmas Props and decorations like Christmas tree, Snowmen, and others. Decorate the Christmas tree with fairy lights, golden stars, and candy canes. You can decorate the hall with colourful party pompoms and balloons to create the perfect festive atmosphere. Use festive colours like silver and golden for decorations.

Entertainment Ideas to Add Fun

Music and dance can truly add fun to your party. Hire a DJ who will have a huge collection of popular music to suit majority of people. To make the party more entertaining, you can hire a musical band. Holiday music will set the mood for Christmas celebration. Games are also a great way to bring fun and frolic in the party.

Creating the Perfect Menu

The menu should include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. Add a lot of snacks, finger food, and cocktails in the menu. If your budget is limited, include sandwiches, cookies, pies, and chips and dips. If budget is not a constraint, go for formal style party and include meat like steak or lamb in the menu. Whether formal or a casual style party, Christmas cake is must in the menu.

Keep these simple tips in mind to throw a smashing corporate celebration this Christmas. A party with right entertainment, food, and a perfect setting is bound to be a success.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fascinating Prom Night Games to Have a Night Full of Fun

Fascinating Prom Night Games to Have a Night Full of Fun

Prom is one of the greatest memorable and emotionally charged events for a teenager. Prom nights are usually popular in London, as it is an official dance bash organised at the end of the school term. This enjoyable event is usually for the class, which is graduating in the same year. However, it is an extended event and is usually organised at amazing London prom venues.

Prom games play an important role in making the entire event more enjoyable and playful. Here are some of the prom night games that can cut down the barriers for students, thus making it a fun night.


This is a game of dance where everyone dances until the music stops and then everyone contributing must freeze in the places they are on the ball floor until it starts again. If you fail to hold yourself, still then you will be assigned a task to do by the leader of the game.

Balloon Truth or Dare:

For this game, you have to dare beforehand and you write questions on paper, slip them inside a balloon, and then inflate it. To get back the paper, participants must pop each balloon and reads aloud what is written in that.


This fun-filled game can be played to make draw the final innings of the prom night closer. This game is occasionally thought as an after prom event or game, however it completely depends on you as how you want the things to be in your prom party. This is a safe and a fun technique to prolong your prom night.


One dedicated person is supposed to deliver notes to the strangers at the party. You can then use the postman to communicate with other students what you never knew during your school time. You can include questions and compliments too.

Organise a fabulous prom night in London and play these games to add extra bit of fun at your event.